Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy: Working with Resistance

1 DVD – RM112

A unique opportunity to see Milton Erickson in action. Rare footage
In 1979 Milton Erickson and Jeffrey Zeig spent five hours reviewing a demonstration that Erickson conducted at a teaching seminar. That demonstration is now available as a training video for Ericksonian practitioners. Erickson’s experiential methods include the symbolic use of hypnotic phenomena, encouraging resistance, naturalistic confusion technique, seeding, and using isomorphic anecdotes. Jeffrey Zeig discusses the mechanics of Erickson’s unique approach to psychotherapy. Working with Resistance provides an opportunity to watch a master hypnotherapist demonstrate his technique

Another excellent analysis by Zeig filmed in 2002 of Erickson’s brilliant techniques in this 1:54 video in color

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